Used Clothing

Pristine Global, as a player in the clothing business, primarily focuses on the activities of Sorting/Grading.

We have modern facilities situated on a large expanse of land all designed to provide for novel and effective production techniques

ideally suited for large scale sorting requirements.

We procure assorted rags in North America/Europe and send them to our state of the art sorting facilities.

This is where the speed and meticulousness of our sorting system kicks in turning the mixed rags into perfectly sorted categories of clothing items ready for despatch. The categories of the finished work are:

  1. Used Clothing
  2. Woollen Rags
  3. Vintage Clothing
  4. Wipers

We export our used clothing and vintage clothing categories primarily to Africa as well as various parts of the world. Our wipers are sent to the domestic markets that recycle them into wool yarns. Some of them satisfy international demand in numerous industries where they find various applications.

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We have extensive distribution networks to various parts of the world where we supply a wide range of used clothes.

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